aIRCRAFT: c172

This is normally a 5 hour course with a flexible syllabus The course consists of a minimum of 5 hours’ flight training (3 hours dual, including 1 hour cross-country navigation) plus 5 solo takeoffs and full-stop landings.

The dual cross-country flight will be of at least 50 km (27nm) and there is no exam: your rating will be granted upon satisfactory completion of the training on application to the CAA. 

Night is defined as 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise and the course is likely to be spread across 6 flights.




aIRCRAFT: dA42ng

MEP(A) Class Rating allows you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine under VFR conditions

You will need to complete the following at an approved training organisation (ATO):

  • at least 2.5 hours of dual flight instruction in multi-engine aeroplane operations under normal conditions
  • at least 3.5 hours of dual flight instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques

You will need to take 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in multi-engine aeroplane operations at an ATO.




Our on site team of pilots, instructors can assist with all renewal and revalidation enquiries. 

We can assist with all aspects of revalidation and renewal, whether you are a current and active pilot, or if your licence or rating has expired. 

Training as required can be provided in house on our aircraft. Contact us to discuss your training and licencing needs.

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